Monday, November 30, 2009

Brief Escape

Hubby and I spent Thanksgiving week on the Outer Banks of North Carolina . . . specifically in a secluded soundfront cottage by the name of Cat's Meow in the village of Frisco. The time away was desperately needed, as it had been three years, I believe, since our last vacation. Twas a peaceful week of napping, eating, hot-tubbing and shopping. Below are a few pictures...

Our cottage in the trees ... this is the sound side.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse--not a level shot, is it?

Sunset over the sound...

The sound - so close!

Cool trees beside "Cat's Meow"

Isn't this neat?

The driveway to our cottage - super secluded!

Windsurfer...there was LOTS of wind on Friday.

Til next time ~~

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