Monday, October 5, 2009

Live and Learn....Ad Nauseum


When I took the above photos a week or two ago, the thought had occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, this is ragweed.  But, I thought, it's such a pretty "wild flower," and look at the wasp enjoying the blossom.  Oooh, let's see how close we can get!  Time passed, and just for the heck of it yesterday, I went to and typed "What does ragweed look like?"  Sure enough, I had been within inches of the dreaded weed, with my persnickety sinuses, at that! 

I always feel a day I've learned something is a good day, but why couldn't ragweed be gnarly and a putrid shade of brownish-green? 

Til next time ~~

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cleobytheseao said...

Vickie, there are so many weeds that look beautiful aren't there and some gorgeous to photograph. Then there are the ones that are a downright nuisance or dangerous to boot! Enjoyed reading about your trips. :)