Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good Morning, Moon...

A tired-of-the-bed back, a pinkeyed left eye and an article idea pried me out of bed around 7:15 this morning.  Mercy, the hardwood's cold in the morning, but only holds a distant second place to the tiled bathroom floor.  I digress. 

After quasi-leaping/shuffling/tripping into my house shoes, I hesitantly took a glance in the bathroom mirror.  This mirror thing is not something I enjoy doing, especially since "old" crept up on me at some point or other.  Good heavens, my left eye was glued shut, and the hair on that side of my head was literally standing straight up and/or out (and still is, I just noticed). A warm washcloth solved the eye thing, but brushing my  hair only created static, so I decided to leave bad enough alone.

Next on this mundane itinerary of mine - a trip to the kitchen for something to drink.  I glanced out the window and caught the moon looking back at me.  A photograph (at least that I take) doesn't do it justice, but I had to at least try.  If nothing else, it proves I was out of bed before 9 am on a Saturday morning. 

So, good morning, moon.  You're looking awesome today.  And hey - stop laughing at my hair.

Til next time ~~

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Ava's Brainey Mess said...

I loved this!!! I'm sorry you are not feeling your best with the "eye" thingy. Boy do I understand a good bad-bed hair morning!!! Hey but no one else is looking. Beautiful moon....I saw that same moon last night before I went to bed. Thanks for sharing