Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

As January's final workweek came to a close, snow and sleet moved in to entertain (or frustrate, depending on grump factor) North Carolinians for the weekend.  Overnight temperatures over the next several days are predicted to be extremely cold (beginning with 13 degrees tonight!) and uhoh, there's a chance of freezing rain on Tuesday.
I don't care for freezing rain.  So what if my car is all-wheel drive?  That just means all of my tires will go berserk on ice. Should it come to a slip-sliding event for me, my hope is that at least one of my tires will grab onto something solid before my car lunges off the road and down into one of many "hollers" around and about.   Oh my, I just had a morbid flash-forward visual of my Subaru, undiscovered by the county's good ol' boys and long ago rusted, wheels up and swallowed by summertime kudzu.  Have mercy, I just added to the chill in the air.  Onward.
Saturday's non-stop weather produced many, many inches of snow with sleet garnishes.  I awakened this morning to a cloudless, sunny day.  Church services were cancelled, so I decided to take a  walk.  
I wish my camera could have captured the prism-like sparkles where the sunlight tickled snowy surfaces, but I obviously don't have the know-how.  The one photo I did take of  sparkling snow looked like a white-out spill.  No sparkles. Tsk.

I did get a few other shots this morning.  We don't have pretty snows very often, so forgive me for getting a tad carried away (especially on the tree shots)!

(this one was taken on Saturday)

Til next time ~~ stay warm!

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Ava's Brainey Mess said...

Beautiful snow pictures. It sure looks cold...BRRRRRR...I love the one of taken of the cabin. Would make for a beautiful painting.