Sunday, September 20, 2009

Around the Bend...

The last weekend of Summer 2009 is winding down.  To say I rejoice at the prospect of cooler temperatures is an understatement.  No doubt the farmers are happy to be finished, or nearly finished, with their harvests, and I am hopeful they have profited nicely.

A glance outside my window this afternoon reveals the rusty red dogwood leaves are ahead in Mom Nature's race to don her dress of many colors for autumn.

The days are growing shorter, too!  Before long I'll be driving home from work in the dark - my least favorite aspect of fall-slash-winter.  My rambles then will pretty much be limited to early mornings or weekends.  Those who know me, really know me, realize that means weekends, thank you very much.

So, folks, just around the next bend is autumn, and I want to savor every delicious sensory gift that comes along with the changing of seasons.  Now that I think of it, I need to see if there are any muscadines left.  I know of a special friend who's never tasted them before, and I plan to remedy that situation!

Til next time...

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