Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm Looking Over...

Mama absolutely loved the simple pleasure of searching for four-leaf clovers, and she had a real knack for finding them.  I can still "see" her studying a patch of clover after lunch on a Sunday afternoon.  She'd sit in her little wooden gardening chair and patiently search for that little promise of good luck.  When she'd find one, she'd close her eyes, make a wish, open her Bible to a random page and place the clover inside.  Then she would read the two pages for phrases like "it shall come to pass," "it came to pass," etc.  She said that a wish would come true if something about "coming to pass" could be found on those pages.  I have her Bible now, and it's filled with four-leaf clovers in various stages of preservation.  So is mine!

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