Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turtle Crossing

I discovered this little guy/gal hot-footing it across our road just before sunset Monday evening, so of course I had to slam on my brakes for a middle-of-the-road photo shoot.  I know, I know - don't quit my day job.  I tried to get him/her to pose for me, but all I got was a bored turtlish stare.  Since my car was still running and darkness was fast approaching, I took these two photos and decided to help the little critter across the road. After all, the flash on my camera had probably half-blinded the poor thing, at least temporarily, and as much as I like my neighbors, I feared a good ol' boy might squish the turtle before its little pupils could readjust.

Remembering past attempts by turtles to bite my fingers off, I took a deep breath, approached this one from behind and slowwwwly lifted it just far enough for a brief airlift.  Just about the time its little turtle feet cleared the sun-warmed pavement, the diminutive turtle hissssssed with what I imagine was all its might.  Needless to say, the gentle airlift darn-near became a turtle hurl, kind of like a small-scale shot put event!

"Ungrateful brat!"  I said, as I sat him/her down in the grass.  It had the audacity to hiss again!

In any event, I finally got my turtle crossing pictures.  No creatures were harmed in the non-filming for this blog; and only one was hissed off.

Til Next Time ~~                                                                                                                                                 

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Tori said...

This is great. I absolutely love your blog, and look forward to it. You have a talent for writing, and I admire the way you are seeking interesting things in daily life. Love you!