Sunday, September 6, 2009

Critter Crossing

There are an abundance of critter crossings in the country - impromptu, every one.  I thought these little guys/gals were young turkeys, but they're different colors.  After a quick photo shoot, I returned to my parked-in-the-middle-of-the-road car to resume my journey, where a check of my rear-view mirror revealed them all hurriedly running back across the road. 

I showed my husband the photos I'd taken of the little winged cuties.  Are they turkeys, I asked?  No, they're guineas.  Are guineas chickens?  Nooo, he said. So guineas are guineas.  Um-hmm.  A little internet research confirmed that these are indeed wild game fowl a/k/a "guinea fowl."  According to one article, they are rumored to be good at ridding areas of lyme disease by way of munching on deer ticks.  They're not great to have around bee hives, though, because they'll dine on the bees as they exit the hive!  Well, okay.  I did not find the research overly thrilling or appetizing, but at least now I know what a guinea looks like. 

If anyone should ask "why did the guineas cross the road?"--eh, maybe they don't.  Maybe they forgot to hit a local deer tick bar or something, who knows?

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