Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Muscadines in the Pines

Isn't it funny/sad how often we don't see things that are pretty much right in front of  our faces?  After four years of wonderful country living, a sweet neighbor lady timidly asked my husband if we minded her picking some of our muscadines.  Muscadines?  Where?  Turns out we have a proliferation of the wonderful grapelike fruit. The vines climb high up into a pine tree just as you turn into our driveway.  Fortunately for those of us who aren't 20 feet tall, after reaching the top of that scrawny pine the vines made a U-turn and grew downward.  What you see in the photo are the portions of the vines closest to the ground.  Hopefully by this weekend I'll be able to have a muscadine snack right off the vines!  C'mon over and try some.  G'night, John Boy!

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Tori said...

Sounds yummy! Bring some in!